Ubuntu Install

Download the application GSMDealer app (you will download a zip file) and upload it to the server

you must enter by ssh to the server and become the root user

  • Sudo su

  • If password is required please enter the password of your root user

Install unzip

  • apt install unzip

Unzip the zip file of the application in the html directory, usually located in /var/www/html/

is decompressed using the following command

  • unzip xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.zip

to decompress the file will create a directory with the name in the format

  • xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (license number)

before continuing with the installation it is recommended that you create the vhost of apache:

Configure vhost

Once the vhost of apache is created, continue with the installation.

Enter the directory created

  • cd xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx (license number)

Execute the next command line to start the process of installation and configuration of the server for a correct operation of the application.

  • ./installer.sh

When the process is complete, you must go to the following url, remember to change yourdomain.com for your domain

  • YOURDOMAIN.COM/en/installer

This url displays a page in which you must enter the following information.

  • Host

  • Name of the database

  • Port

  • Mysql root user (recommended a user with sufficient privileges)

  • Root user password

When you enter the data and proceed with the process proposed in the page

When you click on the button "Continue to populate the GSMDealer database" will start the process of creation and insertion of necessary data for the operation of the application GSMDealer.

This process can take a little, please wait until it completes.

When the process is complete you will see a window in which you must enter the license number, you can find this number on the page dealergsm.com entering your login data, and clicking on the menu license.

When this process is finished it will redirect you to the login page, in which you will put this data for the first logon.

User name: GSMDealer

Password: Dealergsm.com

After login you will be prompted to change the password follow the guidelines for minimum security for the new password, please enter your new password, which should be kept in a safe place, since you will not have a way retrieve it.

You you will be prompted to enter the initial configuration data such as the name of the site, domain, logo, favicon and Email contact form (to this email will arrive ) among others please add them to continue

Note: The mail contact must exist before you can continue, remember that later in the Menu section Configuration->General Settings You can change this email.

After adding the previous data will display a form for Email Setup

The email must exist and you must have the access data(user and password), given that this email will be the one that will enable the application to send messages to the customers.

Note: You can add the configuration data and click the "Save" button, if there is any error it will be informed, you can also use the form "Check email delivery settings", to verify that the configuration sends emails, by sending an email to your personal email from this form.

The previous settings can be modified from the section of the Configuration menu

to click Finish.

With this is finished configuring the application, congratulations.

For any questions you can enter dealergsm.com and start session, open a ticket and the support team will help you with any concern

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